March 2018
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Who and What in SEA?

quinoa lemak?

Who at SEAC:
Congratulations to Adrian Alarilla who was just selected for the Husky 100, an award recognizing a select group of students for the difference they make on campus and in the community!

Thanks to his predecessor at SEAC, Kasey Rackowitz, who stopped by the Center and provided this hot tip just before heading back to Cyberjaya, Malaysia to begin an MBA program:

What? in SEA:
Malaysia’s controversial Prime Minister, Najib Razak, stirred the pot once again earlier this week by promoting the consumption of quinoa over rice. Razak, who is facing re-election this summer, did not elicit a groundswell of support for substituting “Quinoa Lemak” as the new national dish.  Instead, his “let them eat kale” moment fell as flat as martabak with his constituency and has been seized upon by opposition candidates, one of whom retorted he didn’t even know quinoa was a thing.

Where in SEA?

photo by Lester Mathias Andersson

Answer to last newsletter's Where in SEA question:
Congratulations to Bu Pauli Sandjaja, Aimi Ahmad Shukri, Christina F, Cliff Sloane, Ann Lewis, Broman Barry, and Polly Woodbury for getting the answer right: The statue of Cristo Rei in Dili, East Timor!

Where in SEA:
This week's Where in SEA was contributed by Polly Woodbury!

I am on a mountain which holds the highest point in this mainland Southeast Asian country and was lovingly renamed in honor of a king who was dedicated to nature preservation. This mountain is over 8,00 feet above sea level and only 2 hours away from this country’s second largest city center. Tourists from all around the world visit this location for it’s picturesque views, hot springs, water falls, and hiking trails. Where in Southeast Asia am I? Submit your answers to!

Featured Article

War is not over in Vietnam

“Even though the bullets have stopped flying in the Vietnam War, the war is not over,” Dr. Christoph Giebel explained on Tuesday, February 27th at the “Discussion on the Legacy of the Vietnam War and Opportunities to Take Action.” Makenna Dreher sums up the talk earlier this week in her article here.

photo by Makenna Dreher


Coloniz(h)er: two solo shows on a single bill


written and performed by Mara Palma and Susan Lieu 
March 2 & 3 at 9:30pm, March 4 at 5:00pm
18th & Union Arts Space, 1406 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Two lower class women immigrated from former colonies, the Philippines and Vietnam, to the land of a colonizer, the United States. Things get spicy when their educated daughters start to question who truly holds the power in the Land of the Free when interracial marriage, culture, beauty and death are involved. Buy tickets here!

Write About Asia Spring 2018 series

“Write about Asia” is offered by the East Asia Resource Center in conjunction with the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas Saturday University Lecture Series. It is facilitated by Mary Barber Roberts and co-sponsored by the Southeast Asia Center and Center for Global Studies.

The upcoming series is titled“Asian Textiles Across Time and Place”. This series is inspired by the “amazing array of textile arts, textile manufacturing and fashion originating from Asia” now being “shared globally in new ways”. Learn more here.

write about asia

Recommended Resources

Spring 2018 Featured Courses

featured courses

For more details, view our course list here.

Violence, Race, Memory (JSIS B 264/HSTAS 264) with Laurie Sears
TH 3:30-5:20, More Hall (MOR) 220

Southeast Asian Knowledge and the Politics of Information (JSIS A 419/ANTH 469) with Judith Henchy
W 1:30-3:20, Denny Hall (DEN) 112

International Environmental Policy (JSIS B 455) with Jeff Begun
TH 1:30-3:20, Thomson Hall (THO) 234


The JSIS Diversity and Equity Committee

The Jackson School just recently launched a site for the Diversity and Equity Committee. Please check out any available resources here.

Funding & Fellowships

The Marcy Migdal Fund for Education Equality. Application closes March 30, 2018.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship. Application closes May 31, 2018.

Conferences, Study Abroad & Journals

Escaping the Homeland: Contesting Diasporic Narratives, The 17th Northeastern Conference (NEC) on Indonesia, Yale University,
April 21, 2018. Proposals due March 14, 2018.

Call for Applications, 2018 Penn State Asian Studies Summer Institute: “Infrastructure”, Penn State University, June 10-16, 2018 - applications due March 15, 2018.

Carnegie Council’s Asia Dialogues program, Manila, Philippines, October 21 to 27, 2018. Applications due March 16, 2018.

Education About Asia Call for Manuscripts: "Demographics, Social Policy, and Asia (Part II)" Manuscripts due April 20, 2018.

The 3rd International Music and Performing Arts Conference (IMPAC2018), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim, Malaysia, November 13-15, 2018. Abstracts due May 2, 2018. 

Call for Publications: Verge 5.2 (Forgetting Wars), Deadline June 1, 2018.

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