Arca Foundation Grants

Arca Foundation

The Arca Foundation supports organizations and projects that work to advance economic and racial justice, an inclusive democracy, peace and security, human rights, and a clean environment. We support strategic initiatives that work to engage diverse, impacted communities in organization that puts people on the front lines of social change; educate the public about policies that advance the greater good; promote transparency and access to information; and strive for structural, game-changing reforms. While the Foundation's areas of focus evolve over time, we achieve our fundamental purpose by supporting efforts that affect public policy.

Deadline(s):August 01, 2017 (Fall Cycle)
February 01, 2018 (Spring Cycle)

Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Institutional

Keyword(s): Human Rights, Laws, Rights & Governance, Peace, Violence & Security, Race and Ethnicity, State-Society Relations, Democracy, Public policy
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