The Meggers Fellowship Program

Americas Research Network

In 2001, ARENET created a Fellowship Program focused on transnationalism in Mexico and the United States. This initiative examines the dynamic processes that are multiplying and diversifying the interconnections between Mexico and the United States and explores the new kinds of social, economic, and political relationships as well as the innovative cultural expressions that are emerging as a result. To date ARENET has awarded over 100 fellowships to undergraduate, graduate students and established scholars. The Betty J. Meggers Grant Program will complement and enhance the area of study to South America. The Betty J. Meggers Grant Program will award 8 grants to scholars of any nationality to conduct research on the Indigenous societies of South America, “both past and present,” between June and August 2017. Grant stipends are $7,000 for the research period. Each grantee will also receive an allowance of $500 for research-related expenses. Travel expenses will be covered separately up to $1,800. The principal objectives of this initiative are: 1) to promote cooperation among scholars, institutions, and other organizations in planning and implementing collaborative research on South America; 2) to create a network within which researchers, policy makers, members of indigenous communities, and practitioners in South America, United States and Mexico can exchange perspectives; 3) to contribute to a more profound understanding of the complex linkages of the region among scholars and non-scholars alike by making the results of this research and exchange available through a variety of media; and 4) to create research, educational, and training opportunities for South American, U.S. and Mexican students, professional scholars, and other individuals whose scholarly interests focus on this broad geographical region.

Deadline(s):February 15, 2017

Funding Type(s): Research, Travel

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral)

Area(s): Latin America & Caribbean, North America

Keyword(s): Migrations, Refugees & Borderlands, Race and Ethnicity, Native American studies
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