Libyan Civil Society Capacity Building for Reconciliation

United States Institute of Peace

USIP seeks to strengthen the ability of Libyan CSOs to engage a wider range of community structures, and deepen the impact of current interventions centered on conflict resolution and reconciliation, consensus, and trust-building opportunities. Under this competition, USIP is soliciting proposals for projects which contribute to the peaceful resolution of community-based conflict, including those that resolve property disputes, engage consensus-building initiatives, and facilitate the return of refugees and internally displaced populations (IDPs) to their homes. The projects will also aim to build the capacity for reconciliation, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention among women’s groups, local youth groups, and university students, with a special focus on conflict-affected and disadvantaged areas.

Deadline(s):April 01, 2017

Funding Type(s): Research, Travel

Eligibility: Institutional, Collaborative

Area(s): Africa, Middle East

Keyword(s): NGOs, Peace, Violence & Security, Migrations, Refugees & Borderlands
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