DPD University Initiative

Social Science Research Council

The SSRC requests proposals from US-based universities to establish interdisciplinary training programs that will assist humanities and social science graduate students to prepare cogent and effective dissertation research proposals. The University Initiative of the Council's Dissertation Proposal Development Program will partner with five universities to design and institutionalize innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to research proposal training that can serve as models for emulation by additional graduate institutions. The University Initiative will take place over three years, during which the DPD Program will provide guidance and advice in program design, coordinate collaboration between participating universities, and subsidize most of the initial financial costs, with the expectation that each participating university will sustain their program independently by the initiative's closing. The DPD Program anticipates covering costs of up to $130,000 per university over the three-year initiative. The University Initiative of the DPD Program is made possible by grant funds provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Deadline(s):[check back April 2017]

Funding Type(s): Research, Teaching

Eligibility: Institutional

Keyword(s): Higher education, Research Methods
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