China Grant: China's Impact on Peace and Conflict Dynamics

United States Institute of Peace

USIP’s China grant is a new initiative starting in 2017 that explores China’s impact on conflict dynamics, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Syria. The China grant supports projects that promote education, training, dialogue, and capacity building for peacemakers in the United States, China, and third countries. These projects serve the purpose of enhancing U.S.-China understanding and cooperation on global conflict issues, developing strategies for managing differences, and helping ensure that China has a positive or mitigating impact on conflict dynamics around the world.

Deadline(s):December 26, 2016

Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Collaborative, Institutional

Area(s): Africa, East Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia

Keyword(s): Peace, Violence & Security, National Security, International Relations
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