Constant H. Jacquet Research Awards

Religious Research Association

The Religious Research Association announces its annual competition for the Constant H. Jacquet Research Award to support research in religion. Applied, client-centered projects are given priority, but basic social scientific research on any aspect of religion is also regularly funded. Proposals from students, especially Ph.D. candidates, and scholars who are in the early stages of their careers are particularly encouraged. Applicants are required to be members of the RRA. Full-time students may join the Association at the time of their application. All others must hold membership in the RRA for at least one full year prior to the application deadline. Funding may be used for research expenses, but not for supplemental income or capital equipment. Grants in excess of $4,000 to a single recipient/agency are rare.

Deadline(s):April 30, 2017

Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral), Individual (Predoctoral)

Keyword(s): Religions, Cultures & Civilizations
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