Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters

UW Simpson Center for the Humanities

Crossdisciplinary Research Clusters seed new collaborations between faculty and graduate students who share research interests. 1) Histories and Futures of Publication: Histories and Futures of Publication is an interdisciplinary lecture and colloquium series in manuscript, print, and digital cultures. 2) Palestine and the Public Sphere: This research cluster brings together faculty and graduate students for critical and cross-disciplinary conversations and activities concerning the cultural, political, and economic situation of Palestine and its framing in US academic and public. 3) Performance Studies Research Group: The Performance Studies Research Group draws together scholars from various disciplines to discuss foundational and new work in the field of performance studies. 4) Troubling Translations: Our research cluster pursues the questioning of translation as a way of enlarging our understanding of the humanities and the social sciences.


Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral), Collaborative

Keyword(s): Translations
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