International Research in Computational Social Sciences

Volkswagen Foundation

In recent years, what has come to be termed the "digitalization" of society has led to fundamental social, political, and economic changes. The "digital revolution" has also had significant effects on social research, as the development and usage of new media devices and technologies has generated an abundance of data about human behavior which can be used for further research. On the one hand, this opens up new opportunities for social science research; on the other hand, it also involves methodological and methodical challenges. These new developments offer an extensive breadth of potential research questions within the thematic field of the "Computational Social Sciences", the exploration of which the Foundation would like to support. The focus of this call is on the exploration of socially relevant research questions. The Foundation supports both international workshops and summer schools (also as series of up to three summer schools) as well as international research cooperations of up to four postdoctoral researchers; any proposal submitted must address socially important topics, which can be explored using (new) tools and methods offered by the "Computational Social Sciences". Project teams can be interdisciplinary, but a social scientist must always be involved.

Deadline(s):Currently not accepting applications

Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Collaborative, Individual (Postdoctoral)

Keyword(s): Computational social sciences
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