Opus Magnum

Volkswagen Foundation

The initiative aims at providing more freedom for writing a larger scholarly treatise to professors from the humanities and social sciences who have already achieved a degree of renown by virtue of (a first) outstanding research performance. Candidates can apply for a teaching substitute, whereby this scheme also aims at providing a perspective for early career academics. The initiative aims at supporting the compilation of books of fundamental significance, which represent first attempts to position and provide orientation to an area of research integrating the state of research in neighboring discipline; are expected to lead to a querying of mainstream thought, shedding new light on the respective object of research and hence resulting in significant new insights; develop new hypotheses for a broad thematic area and promote discourse; connect preliminary research results from a variety of different areas for the first time, and in so doing generate insights which would not have been possible without providing this synthesis. This funding initiative targets projects that are already in an advanced stage of completion, the major part of research having already been accomplished. As grants within the context of “Opus magnum” aim in the first instance at support for the writing and compiling of a publication, the collection of materials, archive search and other research work must already have been largely concluded.


Deadline(s):February 01, 2017

Funding Type(s): Publication Award

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral)
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