Collaboration Studio Grants

UW Simpson Center for the Humanities

Collaboration Studio grants provide focused, quarter-long opportunities for cross-disciplinary/cross-departmental groups of two to four faculty members to work together to catalyze, deepen, or reconfigure research projects with near- or long-term goals of publication/dissemination, in traditional or diverse formats. Studio grants may be used to lay the foundations for a long-term research project and collaboration or to move an existing collaboration towards writing and publishing project insights and outcomes. While the studio provides time for intensive collaboration, work is expected to continue throughout the year-long granting period and beyond. Grant topics include: Intersectional Animal Studies; Lake Union Laboratory; Producing a Worthy Illness; and, The Politics of Storytelling in Island Imperial Formations.

Deadline(s):November 10, 2016

Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Collaborative

Keyword(s): Animal studies, Illness, Storytelling, Island Formations, Public Health
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