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Established in 1946, Compton Foundation fosters positive and sustainable models of change. We are a family foundation based in the U.S. and working with a global perspective. Our new mission highlights a sense of urgency and a willingness to take risks in order to transform the way we live. Bringing forth a positive future requires innovative ways of understanding and naming the problems we face, as well as new methods for collaborating to solve them. To accomplish our mission we provide financial resources to galvanize the movement for progressive and democratic social change, and on May 18, 2016 our grantmaking totaled 1.9 million. The Compton Foundation supports work in climate change, peace and national security, and reproductive rights and justice. Within those core areas, the work we support must be a match with our transformative leadership and courageous storytelling approaches. We do not accept unsolicited proposals; however, we would love to learn about your work, so we do have an open inquiry process. Compton’s grant portfolio is small and contains a number of long-term grantee relationships, so there is limited room to fund new organizations and projects, no matter how deserving. With that in mind, and the understanding that fundraising requires a significant time commitment, we aim to make our inquiry process as efficient as possible.


Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Institutional

Keyword(s): Climate change, National Security, Peace, Violence & Security, Global Health
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