Bethwell A. Ogot Book Prize

African Studies Association

The Bethwell A. Ogot Book Prize of the African Studies Association is awarded annually at the ASA Annual Meeting to the author of the best book on East African Studies published in the previous calendar year. Initiated in 2012, the award was made possible by a generous bequest from the estate of the late Professor Kennell Jackson, the award honors the eminent historian, Professor Bethwell A. Ogot. Scholarly works published in any country, in any language in the previous calendar year are eligible for the award. Edited collections, new editions of previously published works, bibliographies, dictionaries and works of fiction are not eligible. For the purposes of this award East Africa is defined to include the territories of present day Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia (as constituted at independence), Djibouti, Eritrea, and Mauritius. For the purposes of this prize, scholarly works will be understood broadly to encompass works informed by an understanding of the scholarship in a given field or fields. In making its selection the prize committee will pay particular attention to significance, originality and quality of writing.

Deadline(s):April 30, 2017

Funding Type(s): Publication Award

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral)

Area(s): Africa
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