International Security and Foreign Policy Grant

Smith Richardson Foundation

The objective of the International Security and Foreign Policy Program is to assist the U.S. policy community in developing effective national security strategies and foreign policies. The Foundation is committed to supporting projects that help the policy community face the fundamental challenge of ensuring the security of the United States, protecting and promoting American interests and values abroad, and enhancing international order. The Foundation is supporting efforts to help U.S. policy makers improve the country’s national security and foreign policy capabilities. The Foundation has developed portfolios of projects on the evolving politics of the Middle East. These have included assessments of the actors shaping the politics of Iran, the future of Turkey’s foreign policy, and the role of security services in Pakistan. The Foundation has expanded its grant making on the internal evolution of major powers in Asia, including China, India, and South Korea, as well as on the prospects for conflict among these countries. In terms of informing the debate over U.S. policy, the Foundation has supported efforts to help security analysts identify ways that the United States can continue to play its essential world role at a time of constrained budgets. Foundation grant making has also sought to highlight the emergence of new challenges, such as cyber attacks, and to consider policy steps to combat those threats. The Foundation provides funding to foster the next generation of scholars and analysts and underwrites historical research with implications or lessons for current policy. For more than a decade, the Foundation has provided research grants to junior faculty and junior-level analysts in the think tank community.


Funding Type(s): Research

Eligibility: Individual (Postdoctoral)

Keyword(s): Foreign Policy, National Security, Cybersecurity
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